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    Hi, this is my first post aaah!
    So I have put down Leeds as my firm, but I'm debating whether to change it to Newcastle University, and I have until Monday to decide. (stressful times :') I'm considering changing because I could do the combined honours course at Newcastle, whereas Leeds would be straight psychology.
    Basically I haven't visited Newcastle so I don't know too much about it. It seems really nice from the website and I'm just a bit worried that I wouldn't fit in there. I know it's probably a stereotype, and that there are so many different people, so not everyone at uni will go out clubbing, but I just wondered if the majority of people go out clubbing A LOT. I have gone out 3 times and it can be fun but I didn't enjoy it that much the last time, and I've also recently decided to stop drinking because I don't really enjoy it (and i always get too drunk :') I'll probably drink a bit at uni, and I'll probably go out now and then, but I prefer to just chill out or go for a meal or i don't know.
    So to anyone who goes there, do most people go clubbing a lot?
    I'm also quite introverted and I prefer being with smaller groups of people and feeling close to them, rather than mixing with loads and loads of different people all the time. I realise that at uni you meet loads of new people etc, so I just wondered what the atmosphere at Newcastle is like, like if it's a community-feel at all or if it's more hectic, if that makes any sense? :') like maybe i wouldn't suit it... but i suppose leeds is similar.
    Also the fact that it's right in the city centre makes me think it'll be quite busy and hectic too? Or does the campus feel kind of separate? At Leeds it is separate.
    If you understand my stressed out rambling and can answer my questions i'd be soo grateful! I really don't know what to do!
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    Does anyone go to Newcastle who could tell me what it's like?
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    I go to Newcastle and I've never been clubbing before. There's still loads to do if you don't drink, and not everything is focused around drinking.

    It is a bit separate from the city centre, like all of the buildings (except the business school) are focused in one area. I wouldn't describe Newcastle as a chaotic city tbh.


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