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The Tories haven't ruled out a tuition fee increase. watch

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    The Tories are in power and the next 5 years are going to be very tough for the 'average' family.

    Would you still go to university if tuition fees were increased further? (More than £9,000)

    If yes, what is the maximum amount you'd be willing to pay?

    (Assume that the year you'd be attending, the fees would have increased).

    Unless they increase the percentage you pay a year, it shouldn't make a difference. Unless you go into investment banking or something, you will still pay the same amount back by the time the 30 years is up and the debt gets wiped clean. Say you made £30000 a year on average over the 30 years in which you left uni, £9000 would be taxed by 9%, this would amount to £810 a year. £810 * 30 = 24300, so over the course of 30 years earning this salary, it would of not made a difference had it been £12000 or £9000 per year for tuition fees, you would of still paid £24300 back. Please correct me if I'm wrong, I just did a quick Google search and did the maths.

    How will it make their lives more difficult?

    It is not like that £9000 is coming out of your pocket every year and when you do start to pay it back it is in such small increments that you will barely even notice the loss.


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