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    Identify the main differences between anaerobic and aerobic glucose degradation. (P6)
    Produce a report to describe the differences between aerobic and anaerobic respiration and could produce a diagrammatic representation of the differences in ATP production at various sites.

    Include reference to:

    • Definitions: metabolism, aerobic, anaerobic; catabolism; anabolism
    • Pathways: anaerobic and aerobic pathways of glucose metabolism; the electron transport chain and oxidative phosphorylation; cellular role of ATP; regulation of glycolysis.
    • Pasteur effect: outline of fatty acid metabolism.
    • Applications: metabolic end products of industrial importance, eg alcoholic beverages, RQ measurements.

    Compare the sites of ATP production and consumption during aerobic and anaerobic breakdown of glucose in cells. (M4)
    Include in your report:

    • Detailed description of sites of energy production (ATP, NADH, FADH2) in glycolysis and the TCA cycle.
    • The role of electron transport in recycling NADH and other reduced co-enzymes with the production of ATP.

    Evaluate the regulation of glycolysis in terms of energy requirements in cells. (D4)
    Include in your report:

    • Identification of the sites of regulation of glycolysis in response to changing concentrations of for example ATP, ADP, hydrogen ions and citrate.
    • Evaluation of the importance of each in terms of energy requirements in cells.
    • The effect of the build-up of lactic acid (and its removal) during anaerobic glycolysis in muscle cells should be included.

    Need help with M and D task
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Updated: May 9, 2015


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