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Tips for LDR couple moving in together at 21?? watch

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    Hey! So my girlfriend of 1 year, who lives in a country in mainland Europe, will be moving here in a week or so! We've been long distance for a year while I've been at university and now she's moving to England to be with me (so excited). I'm wondering if anyone has any tips or advise for making it an easier transition for her to a different country (her english is almost as good as mine) and how to make living together for the first time work. Any help would be really appreciated Thanks!

    Ooo how exciting! Firstly I just want to say I hope it all goes well I am a bit younger than you (17 years old ) but I guess I could offer some potential advise and see if its any use?

    Firstly I would maybe look into/ask her what food she likes from back at home and consider getting it in and cooking it for her for the first few weeks until she settles in. Stores here tend to be quite diverse and sell food from all over the world so it should be easy to a hold of something she is familiar with. Maybe rent some movies or TV which is in her first language (if it isn't english) and sit and watch them together. You can learn about her culture/country this way whilst she is learning and living in yours! I am sure she will appreciate small things like this.

    Arrange skype calls or phonecalls with her family back at home. Make sure you are involved too and her family and her will feel a lot more content and happy with her living with you I'm sure.

    For getting things to work I would suggest doing fun things together for the first few weeks to get you to bond. It can be hard to adjust in LDR's as it's so odd going from no contact to full contact all of a sudden. It is incredible but can also be overwhelming so make sure you have tons of stuff to do like shopping, cinema, meals out, paintballing, sports etc. Try out fun things together and enjoy your time together.

    After a while she should be settled in and you will both have to start taking living together seriously. To make things work maybe consider doing a rota of chores like who is cooking what night and who is cleaning. It may seem childish or too organised/controlling but it will honestly save a lot of arguments over stuff and it will be fair.

    Hope it all goes well and my advice was somewhat helpful. Best of luck
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    Thanks for your detailed response! Great ideas here. I lived in her country for a while which is how we met so cooking some meals from her country might actually be plausible haha. Again, thanks for your help, Natalie!
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    I d say to do plenty of things that make here feel homely, do things like buying housey things together so it feels like its both of your homes
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