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I don't think I can finish this Dissertation essay :( I really would like a 2.1. watch

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    I'm in my final year at University and I am finding it difficult to finish off my dissertation essay and this is due in two days time.

    My word count has to be between 5000-7000 words. I've written 5000 words. But I'm still editing! The topic of my dissertation is very interesting. So I know the word count is going to go over 7000!

    As I would like to get a 2.1 or higher in this, I am over thinking my punctuation/grammar, arguments and so on and as a result, I am going at a very slow place and keep on editing and re-editing. Has anyone has this issue before?

    Plus, I would like to do a Masters Degree in a years time and I have to get a 2.1 or higher for them to even look at my application.

    I also just want to feel satisfied and content when I hand my essay in. I don't it to seem rushed...

    My moduel teacher said my essay is looking like a 2.1 but I just need to finish it!

    It seems like I am over-thinking my grades and as I want it to be "perfect" and my work is suffering as I am spending too long on them. I also want to leave uni with a good grade plus I need that Masters degree to get into the career I want.

    How strict are your university on word counts? Is 7,000 the absolute maximum? I ask because many allow a 10% margin, so you could have say 7,500 without it being a problem. Those extra 500 words could make a big difference.

    Secondly, you just have to keep writing (and editing), and try not to let thoughts of grades distract you. You've had some good feedback, now just focus on getting it finished. Finished and submitted is more likely to get you a 2.1 than anything not submitted, or submitted late (and thus probably capped) and more 'perfect'. Set a time by which you will finish - if it's due Monday at noon, then for example decide you will be done by 11pm on Sunday night, and keep working to make sure you reach that deadline.

    Thirdly, know that there will be mistakes in any piece of work you submit. No matter how carefully you edit, there will always be typos. I recently looked at my Master's thesis from 2 years ago, and found so many typos! I edited it a half-dozen times, and had several friends read it for me as well. Despite that, there were still mistakes. I still got a Distinction, so it didn't matter. Similarly, my first academic journal article has recently been accepted, and after two rounds of personal editing, having friends read it, plus the journal editor- as well as having 2 reviewers read and comment on it- I found an error in it on Friday. You are only human. So try & resist that feeling that it has to be absolutely perfect, and instead focus on finishing it, making it as good as is humanly possible, and submitting it on time.

    you can do it!!
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