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I really really dislike my aunt watch

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    So my aunty is 2 years older then me she is coming for a month I am so upset i did not ask her to she herself suggested it and my mum stupidly agreed to pay for her ticket i dislike her with a passion she is always making fun of me because of my passion for gastroenterology she says when you become a gastroenterologist you will have the ****iest job and I will be an architect and I will be a millionaire. i am tired of her arrogance and rudeness. She only upsets me when she comes we never agree because i am serious and I focus on sucess and I dress differently. she thinks about boys she always insults my style she she makes fun of my fears and thinks she is more superior.

    To be honest she is jelous of me because i live in london while she is est europe is some village where i have the chance to study potentially in the best unis and I can afford it while she will never study in one of the best but in east europe. I don't mean to sound rude but I am just annoyed with her I try to get on with her but now i will no longer try to get on with her. She is not a good daughter she never helps my granny in the house she is unthankful and selfish i am tired of her that she is never punished for her disrespect. I know she is my aunt but today she really upset me!

    She says things like french is not hard if you try harder well you do german so how do you know? As well as she is not doing her gcse or a level in german as the system in east europe is different. She thinks you are complaing you should try harder that is just so rude. I never ever learnt frnech and i am finding it hard and she is always not kind. I don't know anymore :confused: we used to be close friends me and my twin with her when we were little but for the past 2-3 years we do not get on we just argue I am just upset I try my best but i am not willing to any more she is just unrealistic she thinks i will be this architect I will be rich I will have a house and stuff like that she never thinks of obstacles I am not a pesimist i am a relaist unlike her.

    I feel kind of bad writing this as I ued to love her very much now I am not sure if I love her anymore she used to be my role model now I cannot look in her eye she become different she used to be so kind


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