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England could descend into narrow, mean nationalism watch

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    I can smell some worrying signs in this country. A lot of young people sound more like Alf Garnett. I think the Tories have falsely potrayed themselves as the party of union but are stoking Scottish and English nationalisms, which Sturgeon also doesn't give a toss about. I sens it in the media, there is a meaner, more narrow view of the world taking hold, in this chaotic globalised world, people are clinging to something to retain a sense of themselves and it could turn nasty. I think the media is hugely responsible for this, as regards English and Scottish nationalism. I also think the neo-liberal economic credo, and the lessening compassion ofr the poor, and contioned attitudes for more inequality, another Americanization of our politics in my view, is forcing people to take a more brutal view of the world. The compassion afforded to homosexuals and (in some pockets of opinion) ethnic minorites does not translate to widening inequality. People are bullied and pariahs for holding contrary opinions to the orthodoxy, kept on the often times cruel treadmill of 'aspiration', and so their pain and insecurity is projected onto other, be they poor, foreign or leftist. If Scotland goes,( by the way I used to understand their disillusionment but then why not have solidarity with other progressive people in the UK, you are selfish nationalists...) England could go even further into provincialism and bigotry of the worst kind.

    Is anyone else concerned?

    I can smell it too, we'll just have to wait and see how it evolves and unfolds
    Is anyone else also worried about Gove's role in forming the new bill of rights

    We've had wartime since the turn of the century (though it's pretty much over now, the news may not let it go so fast) and recession and economy troubles for some years. Two key factors in creating discrimination and xenophobia. It already began, we're already in it.

    As time passes, this'll pass too. So many people are mixed race, eventually nearly everyone will be, then it'll be hard to be racist, though still not hard to be xenophobic.


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