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    Right, so I know all the facts about how Stalin came to power but I have no idea how to put it into paragraphs.

    I know some popular paragraph headings are:

    Tactical Manoeuvring

    Political Skill/ Cunning

    Ideological Disputes

    Weaknesses of Opponents


    But I have no idea what information goes under what heading?

    I am stressing out so so much please help me

    Tactical Manouvering/Politcal skill/Personality (go together imo) - Conflicts between Left and Right Wings over issues, Stalin 'moderate', stayed neutral and tried not to get involved, stayed under the radar, underestimated him.

    Weakness of opponents - Buk and Zin werent seen as possible leaders. Trotsky had no party powerbase. Bukharin and Trotsky extreme views.

    Powerbases - Stalin General Secretary, could get party members on his side. Zinoviev head of Leningrad, Kamenev head of Moscow, but Stalin responsible for hiring and firing so these soviets still largely loyal to Stalin. Trotsky's army powerbase made him the main threat to others. Bukharin editor of Communist magazine Pravda, could influence some, but less would listen as loyal to Stalin.


    (After each paragraph, sum up how the info you included links back to the question, AKA a 'mini conclusion')

    Good luck.

    Its because of the slave power consiracy and the rise of the nazi zombies, while stalin was all god like spinning this way and that with his golden lightsaber dueling our pal adolfin hitler, he was also conquering the whole entire world, everthing else youve been told is a LIE!!
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