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ive looked at every sociology past paper since 2012. No 2 marker has been repeated twice, so i dont think they will begin to repeat now, so they can almost definitely be ruled out as being 2 markers again, but i think they may appear as 4 or 6 markers, these are;

Explain what is meant by the ‘dual burden’
Explain what is meant by the ‘matrifocal family’
Explain what is meant by the ‘nuclear’ family
Explain what is meant by the infant mortality rate
Explain what is meant by a ‘beanpole’ family.

Childhood has NOT come up as a 24 marker since 2012, so i strongly think that this will come up, along with policies. I also think that policies may be a 4 or 6 marker.
The most recent essays were about aging population and marriage and divorce; i dont think these will come up as a 24 marker but i DO think they will come up as a 4-6 marker. Aging population may even be a 2 marker.

A direct theoretical 24 marker has NOT come up since 2013, this was; Examine Marxist views of the role of the family. ​I think a direct theoretical question MAY come up e.g.; Examine Functionalist views on how policies effect the family.

Hope this helps with last minute revision
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How would you structure a 24 mark essay on social policy?

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