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A mental health nurse with anxiety? watch

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    Basically I've been suffering from symptoms of anxiety for quite a while, but they're getting a lot worse at the moment. In the past I've been able to manage, but it's beginning to affect my life more than I would like.

    I find it difficult to sleep as I am worrying, so I feel tired in the day and I am constantly worrying- particularly about time...having enough sleep/being on time for things/running out of time for errands etc. I get seriously stressed about the smallest things, to the point where I am analysing EVERYTHING. My mood is rather low as I've just lost enjoyment due to worrying about life. I wake up in the morning with jaw and tooth pain from clenching my jaw at night and grinding my teeth. More recently I am experiencing chest pain too.

    Anyway, the point is, I'm due to start a course in mental health nursing in September, so I whilst I am obviously aware that people shouldn't be ashamed of these issues and as a mental health nurse I will be fighting stigma around mental health and discrimination against people, but I can't help but think I will be negatively perceived if I get treatment for this.

    Does anyone have any advice? I don't know what to do

    Get treatment, nothing wrong with ridding yourself of something that limits you. Just remember that it's irrational to worry excessively about anything, it doesn't help you since you can't be extremely worried and have a clear mind at the same time.
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    I d say seek treatment from your gp and be honest with occupational health about how if effects you, if your mental health is stable then it is perfectly possible to be a mental health nurse , as long as doing so does wont cause yourself or your patients any harm.

    get treatment, you're much more likely to be favourably viewed by occy health if your anxiety is being treated.

    Getting treatment for this will definitely not be negatively percieved.

    If Florence Nightingale, widely perceived as one of history's greatest nurses could suffer from depression and still be so fondly remembered I don't think you have anything to worry about. It would be deeply hypocritical for the profession to stigmatise or exclude those with mental health issues. So long as you seek appropriate help to manage your own issues to stop them impacting on patients you'll do absolutely fine.
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    Any high pressured job is likely to cause underlying health issues, be those physical or mental. Being in an industry which is demanding myself, I can understand how you are feeling.

    I work as a secondary English teacher and since last year have suffered on and off with anxiety attacks which I have found to be a real struggle. In my job I am expected to be extremely professional and an authority figure within the classroom and, as you can probably imagine, this adds to my worry because I am hard on myself when I am stressed or panicking.

    My advice for you would be to get help. I put off going to my GP for a long time and I am managing my symptoms a lot better since I sought the help. You will find that people are a lot more accepting and considerate than you would think.

    Moreover, I have turned to forums myself for advice and I was comforted by the amount of people who also have suffered with mental health issues at some point.

    I don't know if you have considered any strategies for coping with your anxiety but your GP would be able to talk through options. I also organised private counselling for myself which I have found to be a good way of airing my worries.

    Bottom line is don't beat yourself up. Take each day as it comes and make sure you put yourself first. Work is important but your health is more important.
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    Thank you flor your advice everyone, I'm going to make an appointment with my GP
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