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The appeal of conservatives to the poor. watch

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    My family is highly anti-conservative. I'm not. They say that conservatives are all selfish and want tax breaks, but I am sceptical that this is representative of the average conservative voter. I should point out that we are somewhere around middle class. After all, if you get 37% of the votes there must be some who vote for them whilst it not being directly beneficial to them.

    So I guess my question is, how does the conservative party benefit the country as a whole? How does tax cuts for rich companies benefit the country as a whole? How are child benefit and NHS cuts excusable when there are many other things that could be cut and would not damage the poor's living standards?

    I'm not trying to spark an argument, I just can't think of a reason why anyone would vote conservative, and I am open to hearing good reasons.

    Tax breaks won't just affect the rich... By raising the tax free personal allowance to £12,500, the Tories would take those on minimum wage out of paying tax altogether, as far as I'm aware? That must be a big appeal to those on low income.

    The left are quite amusing really, they say that anyone who votes Tory is self-interested, and that the Tories are only interested in destroying the down-trodden. Where is the evidence for this? Putting 8 billion into the NHS, ensuring people still have a safety net but can get jobs in a very difficult climate. It seems the hostility to the Conservatives is based on nothing more than hate and delusion, as almost all of the claims of the left have been proven wrong by evidence.


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