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Best friend groped me on a night out - please help! watch

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    So there's this guy at work, let's call him Henry, and I've always got on really well with him. He and I are both in relationships. He's always been really friendly towards me, like he will always hug me when he sees me and try and start conversation, probably a bit flirty but I've never thought anything of it as I'm only interested in my boyfriend.

    Someone organised a work night out clubbing last night with a group of us. This is the first time I've had a night out with this guy. When I got there he was like he usually is; friendly/huggy whatever but as the night went on he seemed to be getting more and more pervy. Also this guy is 21 and he's not a "lad" by any means, he's always seemed very nice and respectable. He started pushing his luck a bit by rubbing my neck while I was at the bar, kissing me on the cheek, holding my hand etc. and also made some comments about how hot/sexy I looked. At first I thought he was just trying to be friendly so I went along with it, but he then started putting his hands up my skirt and touching my chest when no one was looking which made me feel uncomfortable and I asked him to stop. He winked and said "I'm not doing anything" and then carried on again when my back was turned. At this point I was starting to get pretty drunk as I don't drink very often and hadn't eaten a lot. I didn't help myself by getting like this, but I ended up starting to stagger a bit and wasn't feeling very well. We decided to go home, and there are three of us who live near each other so we shared a taxi. He sat in the back with me and on the way home was repeatedly grabbing my bum and stroking me. I think he thought I was too drunk to care or notice. I wish I'd said something but I was really scared and didn't want to start an argument. When we got to my house he insisted on walking me up to the door and gave me a kiss on the cheek goodbye with a really really long hug.

    I really have no idea what to do, and I dread seeing him next week as I think he thinks I don't remember. I'm just so confused as to why he would act this way towards me, especially as he's been with his girlfriend for a few years and knows I'm with someone! He's always come across as so...nice and I'm shocked that this has happened. If anyone has any advice then I'd really appreciate it!

    Do you know if he has done this to anyone else? If he does it again slap him and make it clear you want him to leave you alone. Also don't just think the relationship you had with this guy is still the same. It isn't, he has tried to take advantage for you and can't be trusted. You could maybe tell him this when you see him. It isn't just like he picked your bum once to make you jump at work or something, he didn't stop when you told him to do so and he made you scared. I would also do everything you can not to put yourself in the same or similar position when you are around him again.

    You may get to drunk one night and he could have sex with you, or I hate to say it he could lose it and rape you. I know women think men they know would never do that to them, but he could.
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