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David Cameron's EU renegotiation fails after EU leaders refuse immigration reform Watch

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    It has only been 1 day & it appears that EU renegotiation has already failed on immigration as numerous EU leaders from around Europe have refused any reform on mass immigration. Ministers from around Europe have told him they will never agree to limit free movement & it is a red line

    As immigration is widely seen as one of the most important issue related to EU membership will this rejection of any immigration reform lead to Tory backbenchers rebelling? will Cameron be able to renegotiate other important areas like fishing, farming, lower EU budget contributions or business regulation

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    Free movement is one of the main pillars of the EU, negotiation there was dead from the start.
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    (Original post by Aj12)
    Free movement is one of the main pillars of the EU, negotiation there was dead from the start.
    what about others areas e.g.
    -Common Agricultural policy where the Uk pays billions to support EU farms do you think France or Spain who get most of the money will agree to give it up
    -Fishing-will all the other EU nations let the Uk control our own waters as we have 70% of all EU fish stocks
    -Budget-will EU nations agree to lower the UK's budget contributions as most of the EU nations get billions out the EU & the UK (alongside Germany) pay billions into it?
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Updated: May 11, 2015
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