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Winter in the UK. Experiences? watch

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    Hello guys I'm a guy from Malaysia and I am planning to travel to and possibly study in the UK soon.

    My main concern is about the Winter season there. I've heard relatives and friends saying that Winter in the UK is extremely cold, especially for first timers.

    I'm a person who likes cold temperatures. It's around 7pm in the evening, 28 degrees celcius outside and I'm sweating as if I've ran a marathon. In college when my friends are wearing jackets and long pants just to attend classes, I'm wearing thin layered clothes and short pants with slippers (temperature of air-conditioned classes are around the low 20s).

    I'm expecting myself to visit one of my friends in London this coming December, where I will stay in his relatives' house and he will bring me to Wales for a short 2 day stay.

    Any advices, opinions or experiences?

    Well it's cold and rainy but it's not extreme. We rarely get snow, only like twice a year if that (unless you go to northern scotland) so as long as you wear a good few layers it's not that bad

    If you're in the north it can get very cold. In Lodon and Wales it's not quite as bad. To me it's not too cold, but then I've been brought up here so I guess I'm used to it, for somebody from a warm country I imagine it'll feel worse.

    It's not very snowy most of the time, and based of what you've said you should be fine so long as you wear a few layers.

    Yeah, it will be cold at first if you're used to 28 degrees. The worst part is waking up cold and not being able to get out of bed. As the above person said, it doesn't snow much unless you're further up north. But then again it's usually icy and frosty, especially winter mornings. Sometimes throughout the day you can constantly see your breath. Brrr. Just make sure you have a cuppa ready xx


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