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    Stupid may be a strong word, let's say unwise.

    I've been seeing this guy for 3 months now, we both like each other and go along like PB&J. We also see one another has potential gf/bf, which both of us haven't felt like this towards anyone in a long time [TMI: My last 'boyfriend' (not including casual dates) was 4 years ago, yup I haven't met any potentials for that long, so you get where I'm going?]

    We met on a forum and went on our first date the next day. We both agreed on seeing where this goes. Throughout these 3 months we had here and there talks on what we think about each other. We never had the DTR conversation, because I told him from the start that I don't jump into relationships (and 3 months may be too soon). Just let it go smoothly, until one feels the need to ask. However, he specifically said he wants this to work.

    Now here's my question. I'm only in the UK for my masters... (might continue a PhD but no guarantees...if I get a job, that would be fabulous too)...and leaving in Jan 2016. It's a long time in the future, but hey time flies. I know that the more I get to know him, the more I'd like him, making it even more painful when leaving. So I wanted to ask, would you pursue a relationship that is destined to end in maximum 5-7 months?

    TL;DR seeing guy for a while now, both like each other a lot, but I'm leaving in Jan 2016. Would you go for it knowing you'll get hurt later?

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    Okay, you are trying to avoid getting hurt which is understandable but you will get your heart broken, and his, now if you don't pursue this! Sadly, you may not be able to avoid hurt. But, you will also miss out on all the happy, wonderful, romantic times while you are with him now. You'd give that up?

    Daily there are girls on TSR who wish they could find that right guy! The one who treats them with respect and values them and you have found him (its taken you 4 years)! If he turns out to be the real deal you'll find a way to make the relationship work! My sister has been in a LTR for 4 years and it is working out great! Skype sessions daily. They are connected on a fantastic level emotionally because there relationship can't just be physical. They are both at uni and will be together everyday of the summer. It can work!

    How far away is your home country from the UK.
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    Thanks, I needed that kick in the butt. I didn't actually think about it, the happy now part. I was probably just looking wayyyy too far in the future. And yeah, I don't want to give that up.

    So thanks again.

    I'm from Texas btw.
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