GCSE Biology B2 exam 12th May 2015

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Does anyone have a rough idea as to what may come up? I'm so stressed, I have to get an A atleast, otherwise I can't do it at A Level!!
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It's really difficult to try and predict what's going to come up because, in theory, it could be anything! But I'd say the most common things I've seen come up from doing past papers are-

1. Meiosis and Mitosis- you must know the difference between the two!
2. Enzymes- how they work and how they can be denatured is a popular question. It would also be useful to know about the three digestive enzymes, protease, amylase and lipase as they are often in questions.
3. DNA- this section of the paper is always worth a great deal of marks so I'd say this is the main part you should be revising as in my opinion, it's also the most difficult. Make sure you know the definition of allele, recessive and dominant and how to draw a punnet square!
4. Speciation comes up frequently. It was a 6 mark question last year (not the one where your grammar gets assessed, but the last question) so it's unlikely to be this year but there's always something to do with it.
5. Aerobic and Anaerobic Respiration- make sure you know the differences between the 2!
6. Cell Structure- this is pretty basic but knowing the structure of a plant and animal cel is vital. The structure of a bacterial cell and a yeast cell has also come up before.
7.Quadrats and Transects- questions on one of these two methods of distribution come up every year, you need to know how they work.
8. Photosynthesis- last but not least, there is no doubt that something to do with photosynthesis will come up as it's involved with a lot of things in B2.

As I said, it's really hard to try and narrow it down to a few things but I'd say these are the most common topics for questions I have seen.
Also, in the June 2014 paper, no equations were asked for so it will be useful to know the symbol and word equations for the following-
Photosynthesis- carbon dioxide+water->glucose+oxygen
6CO2 +6H2O->C6H12O6+6O2
Aerobic respiration- oxygen+glucose->water+carbon dioxide (+energy)
6O2 +C6H12O6->6H2O+6CO2
Anaerobic respiration- glucose->lactic acid
(I don't think you need to know the equation for this but someone correct me if I'm wrong)

I hope this helps, good luck!

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