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    Oh my god!

    I have an english lit exam a week today.. and I have been told to learn quotes on each character

    Which one will mainly be on it?

    and which main short easy quotes can i learn?

    3/4 per character x
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    well no one knows the questions until after but i'm predicting that Curley will be on the exam, Candy and crooks is a possibility. but these are some quotes off the top of my head

    George ''Solitaire'' - this shows that Goerge is a character who lives by fate and chances as playing cards depend on all that.
    ''jailbait'' - he's really worried about curley's wife, for jailbait means girls underaged of sex, but in curleys wife case it means she's dangerous and messing with her is like breaking the law.
    ''have a house'' - shows that he is like any other character, he has a dream. Here you can mention context, what is the american dream?
    ''you let 'im have it'' - he represents the rules of the ranch, ''stay away from that curley guy'' is an advice for Lennie but let 'im have it suggest that life on the ranch is all about looking after number one (yourself)
    ''hide in the bush till i come for you'' - George is very demanding or imperative which implies that he plays the father role to Lennie, and that no matter the crime Lennie committed, he'd forgive him and move on which is why he tells lennie to hide instead of handing him over to the authorities.

    Curley ''pugnacious'' - very eager to fight, as he wants to be topdog and is top dog on the ranch since ''his old man's the boss'', he wants to prove his physical skills.
    ''glanced coldly'' - he's giving no one a chance, the moment he sees someone, he wants to fight them and get praised.
    ''game guy'' - this is said by Candy, candy understands curley's character, if curley beats up a bigger guy than him then that means the reward will be greater, so that's why Curley is seen picking on lennie.
    ''slashed'' - very animal like, as animal is one of the book's theme, just like a ''terrier'' curley is very vicious during the fight scene with lennie
    ''glove fulla vaseline'' - His values for women are shallow and low, this quote is rather vulgar or sexualised, which means curley sees his wife as a sex object instead of affection that's supposedly happen in a marriage.
    ''anyone seen my wife?'' - no name for his wife, refers to her as his possession, shows how she's only a trophy to him, a trophy that he won.

    Curley's wife ''rouged lips'' - rouge is red, red has a sexual connotation that shows the role of women during the 30s. it also means danger, and because it is her lips that are red, it means that when she talks, it brings trouble just as how she refer to Crooks as 'ngger''
    ''curley's wife'' - yes you can definitely use this, it shows that she is no more than man's possession and that her role is mainly to please man as shown how she is always ''made up'', she wears makeup, we can assume that she does it to impress the guys. BUT also to hide her identity, why hide her identity? just like an actress, she pretends to be someone else according to her ''heavily made up'' face, which is a reflection of her dream, she wants to be an actress.
    ''could of went with shows'' and her letter was ''stolen'' - like most in the book, her dream is not achieved, and all because her mum had stolen her letter. this brings context, if you cant trust your mum then who can you? no one trusted anyone at that time which is why most are alone
    ''talk to somebody'' - she's awfully lonely since half the time her husband is looking for her and vice versa.

    Candy ''since he was a pup'' ''then it's all off?'' ''leave my shares'' ''let no stranger shoot my dog''

    Crooks ''spectacles hung up'' ''tatter dictionary'' ''straws'' ( for the bed) ''just a ngger saying it'' ''california civil code'' ''pain tightened lips''

    sorry i dont have time to write in more details but those are the characts i think will be in the exam. probably not curleys wife because she was in the january exam.
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Updated: May 11, 2015


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