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    does anyone have or had a problem of not being able to complete an exam on time? i just had my gcse sociology exam and couldn't finish. i also stuggled to finish in mock exams aswell. wondering if anyone has any tips?

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    does anyone have or had a problem of not being able to complete an exam on time? i just had my gcse sociology exam and couldn't finish. i also stuggled to finish in mock exams aswell. wondering if anyone has any tips?
    Make sure you know before the exam exactly how long you are meant to be spending on questions - write this down when you sit the exam, perhaps in the margin or something, so you know when you should have finished each bit (and then you know if you're overrunning before it becomes too much of an issue.

    If there are longer questions worth more marks, sometimes it is worth doing these first, too.
    I know personally I always spend too long on questions worth fewer marks, so I run out of time for the longer ones

    Hope this helps!

    I had my sociology exam as well yesterday and I admit I was a little pushed for time but my advice would be to ensure that:
    1) you know the notes really well and that you are able to easily recall the required information.

    2) know how long the exam is before hand and how many topics/questions you have to complete within that time and work out how much time you should spend on each topic so for me it was 30 minutes on each topic and I knew that I would finish in time if I stayed to this time frame.

    3) PRACTICE. Do loads of past paper questions and make sure they're timed being able to manage my time just came with lots of practise as I used to struggle with it before I got into the habit of practising my timings.

    just relax and try not to worry about the timings to much and good luck!

    Well the basic in all exams is that,if you get stuck,move on.It works great honestly.At the last 5-10 minutes your(or at least mine) goes in to overdrive and I get the feeling my percentages of success increase drastically so the tricky ones are easier.Works well for MCQ's as both tricky and simple questions hold equal weight(The case for my exams).

    Did you do the OCR sociology exam? If so, how did you find it?

    Timings are really hard, they used to be something I struggled with especially in the wjec English!! However, you just need to write scruffy whilst making sure it is legit and keep an eye on the time. In sociology (the one hour exams) I like to leave myself around 20mins for the essay so I know I will finish it - since the essay's are what are worth the most marks, maybe leave yourself extra time for this question and now worry about the 1/2 markers. Also in sociology, if you don't do a conclusion, you cannot get into the top bands so it is a must that you do a balanced argument and a conclusion, even if this just means you bullet pointing what you want to say.
    I hope this helps

    I struggle finishing my film studies exams, they are impossible to do.

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