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Any insight into this problem I'm facing? Would be a huge help! watch

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    So I've been experiencing this problem; my spelling seems to be degreasing. I used to be pretty good and confident when it came to spelling all words but now I find myself missing a letter or putting too many letters into a word. I try not to rely on auto correct and spell check but it's so infuriating. I take A-level English literature among my other A-levels and it's so embarrassing not being able to spell the simplest of words. I get huge anxiety when people see my written work.

    In addition to that for about two years I've found myself unable to express my thoughts clearly. I will be ready to say something or write something and it just won't come out properly. My words get all jumbled up when they come out and my largest difficulty is recalling the exact word I want to use. It's like I'm forming a sentence and then bam I'm stuck for a good minute or two trying to remember a word I want to use. Again it's so embarrassing because I'm never fluent with what I'm trying to express and it really effects the relationships I have with people. I tend to not speak and stay quite because I'm just to embarrassed to speak up about something because I just can't express it.

    These problems have only been evident and an issue in the last 2/3 years. I'm worried my brain is failing me.

    I haven't gone through a major accident and I'm usually described as intelligent by teachers, family and friends so I doubt I have a learning difficulty but I have dealt with abuse before and physically hit around the head area multiple times from a very young age. I've also suffered with depression and anxiety so I'm not sure if that's a factor in this probem(s). Also English isn't my first language and I speak two languages and think in both of them (80% English and 20% the other).

    If anyone has dealt with this? Or know what this might be? It would honesty help me to come to a conclusion and an action plan to better myself when it comes to these problems and reduce the level of anxiety.

    Thank you.

    I have the exact same problem as you!!

    I found out, (personally) from not reading enough. I used to read a lot when I was a child. Now I have stopped it. Then I realise my spelling was getting rubbish and so was my grammar. However I am reading a lot now so o have proved in my work and spelling!

    So read as in Arabic they would say IQRA!

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