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Was Tony Blair a conservative in disguise? watch


    (Original post by redferry)
    I think for me it just seems to show we need to pretend to be right wing to get in since Thatcher. She changed the country so irreversibly.
    I think many people see the Labour Party in its pre-New Labour stage as simply what came before Tony Blair. Now, Neil Kinnock and Michael Foot were on the left of the party - but what that underlines is that for most of its history Labour has been dominated by moderate social democrats rather than red-flag waving caricatures.

    James Callaghan was certainly moderate enough, so was Harold Wilson in a great many ways: he cared a great deal more about education than public ownership. Gaitskell won the great ideological battle with Bevan in the 50s. In many ways, Blair was a modern version.

    True, Thatcher did change things, but the Labour Party did not change as much as might be thought.

    (Original post by The_Mighty_Bush)
    To the right of Thatcher but he greatly increased the size of the state? Doesn't really make sense does it?

    Also a state that is stifling and too large often does cause inequality and lessening social mobility because to pay for that state you have to print loads of money which means that the cash that the poorest in society becomes worth a lot less than it was before.
    He lowered taxes on the rich, created more inequality, social mobility went down, and then he spent the money on a larger state. In other words he was to the right on the issues where he should have been to the left and to the left where he should have been to the left.

    (Original post by n00)
    Hmmm i dunno, after the election campaign we've just witnessed? That wasn't healthy, anyone that followed it should feel pretty silly now, i certainly do.
    I don't feel silly, I campaigned for labour and the seats I campaigned in Labour won. Now if only mpre people would do the same and join the party and make a positive change maybe we would have got a majority.

    I personally don't think Blair had a ideology.
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