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Why are EMO and Scene girls so ignorant? watch

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    I have a lot of female friends and on my Facebook from lots of different backgrounds and without a doubt the EMO and scene ones are the most ignorant. I noticed they only talk to male friends who are part of the same subculture. I am not an emo or a goth or any of that, but sometimes I'll comment on one of their status or I'll message one who is moaning about something or another and almost everytime they ignore the message.

    If I text a scene girl she will maybe reply once or twice to be polite and then go back to ignoring again. There is one friend I talk to regularly who is Scene and she is cool and we talk about all sorts of crap and just about everything, but without a doubt scene girls are the most ignorant to anyone who doesn't have nose rings and piercings and basically look and act exactly like them.

    By the same token I can message or talk to other female friends (non-emo girls, black girls, chav girls, hip hop girls, etc) and they will always talk or reply to a comment on their status, but the EMO ones are the worst. I have deleted several off Facebook purely for their ignorance.

    Why are they like this towards anyone who doesn't look and act like them?

    People like to stick to their own groups tbh.

    I used to be quite rocky/greby back in the day. Trouble is I'm still really attracted to the whole "alternative look" (I think that terms is more appropriate these days seeing they're defiantly not emo or scene girls from my youth) and they don't give normal guys a time of day! Though admittedly I did get with one who actually talk to me for a period of time beforehand.

    Basically the alternative crowd like to moan about how ignorant and closed minded all the other groups are in including other people (especially in their youth) and then ironically become pretty much the worse perpetrators of such things.

    They might not be doing it on purpose.I'm probably well into my emo/scene phase it's someone's really hard to relate to people when you all start talking about dunno you're favourite bands and everyone's like"wut? Whats that?". But i do know some emos/scenes think they're too cool for anyone different to them which kind of defeats the purpose of emo/scene.
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