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Gain log in e-mail for facebook account ... watch

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    Hello all,

    A bit of a strange one here. I’ll try to explain clearly.

    My dad is now 60 and not the most experienced chap when it comes to technology. But 3 years ago when I was living in Sydney he came to visit and I created him an e-mail address to create a FaceBook page. He has friends at work, younger and older who all use it and wanted to see his adventures. Problem being once he left he stopped using it and just wrote via my mums FB when he had something to say.

    Leap forward to now and he’s just bought himself and my mum iPhone 5c’s. Setting up was straight forward for my mum. Logged her in to everything she uses and got all the apps.

    Assumed the same would occur for my dad. But it turns out he cannot remember his e-mail. So we assumed it was the one he’s been using for a while. But when we logged in its only 44% created (no pictures, no friends etc) but I still have him as a friend with a fully created profile 300+ pictures and all his friends. So I chat with him and we realise (3 years have passed) that I used a different e-mail address back then. But what was it?

    I scroll through my old e-mails and by chance find I’d sent myself details of his e-mail address when I created it. Bingo. Back to FaceBook ‘this e-mail address does not exist/no account linked to this e-mail’? Wait … what?

    So his current e-mail logs in but isn’t his profile as only part completed. The old e-mail address ‘doesn’t exist’ so I checked Hotmail and it’s true. Inactivity must have closed it down. But the FB still exists!?

    Now it turns out my Mums e-mail also does not exist BUT she still uses it as her means of logging in to her fb account (she changed her Hotmail password and forgot what it was. Closed due to inactivity). Same goes for my sister whose e-mail is from her university days 6 years ago. Does not exist but allows access to her fb account.

    It ‘seems’ that when you create a FB account it creates some sort of ‘facebook e-mail address’ (not real contact details) so [email protected] becomes [email protected] and I assume this is what allows my mum and sister continued access even though the ‘real’ e-mail is no longer active. So I’ve no idea why my dad cannot log in?

    So the solution here would be finding out what his e-mail or phone is (never had a phone so e-mail).

    Problem being we can’t ask for it to e-mail the details. We don’t know his e-mail. So I figured check his profile and see if it’s in his account information. But you can only request he send you his e-mail address. So again no good.

    Tl;dr – Cannot remember e-mail log in for dads FB account. How can we get it? He uses one password for everything so we can get that – just his log in? He has a fully functioning FB account still active (can write on the wall, comment and like images etc).

    He really wants his little FB account to sync with his app on his phone.

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    I’ve tried a further step following facebooks guidelines.

    I went to his FB page and copied the url ending. For example www.facebook.com/barrattsmini.9995 - You can use that ending to log in (supposedly).

    So I am on his FB page. All his friends, photo’s and wall (with various posts on it) and copy the url ending. I paste this to log in and use the password but it fails ‘sllightly mis typed something, we’ve corrected it for you’. So it now becomes barrattsmini.995.

    I try the password again and it logs in. But as the 44% completed account that uses his new e-mail address not the one I used to create his FB.

    I just do not understand. I literally took the url ending from a currently active page and it redirects me to an uncompleted page.



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