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    I'm aware some may think of this as a pathetic question but my exams start in a week and I really cannot revise at the minute, i'm in a total rut and can't even begin to focus.
    I have a meeting with my personal tutor tomorrow, my GP is aware of my depression and I'm on medication but does anyone who maybe has experience in this have any tips on overcoming it?

    Hi mcml1,

    Sorry to hear things are bad just now. I think you're doing the right thing by letting your personal tutor know- make sure to explain that it's having a big impact.

    If you absolutely can't revise at all then you could consider submitting for Extenuating/Special Circumstances and missing the exam/s with medical evidence from your GP (if you are sure your GP will supply evidence), however if you can you would be much better doing all you can to sit them because if you miss them you'd face sitting exams at a later date (possibly during the summer), taking additional coursework, repeating the year or another situation that is not ideal. You might end up regretting missing the exams, whereas if you can sit them you will feel so relieved afterwards.

    Are you struggling to start revision or struggling to focus whilst reading? If you are able- could you set yourself 15-20 minutes to do as much as you can? Set the alarm to go off after 15 or 20 minutes, turn your laptop off and put it somewhere away from your desk. Focus on one small topic/sub-topic and just do anything you can in the time. Then take a break, sip some coffee and set the timer for 20 minutes again.

    One thing that's also worth considering- are your anti-depressants sedating or stimulating? For example Fluoxetine (prozac) is usually stimulating whereas some others have a more sedative effect. If the one you take makes you sleepy/tired then it's worth taking it at night and from experience it's worth drinking coffee in the morning to wake you up and aid focus.

    If at all possible (and I know if you have low energy levels and depression is affecting your motivation levels it might not be possible) then try to go for a walk, a swim or a short jog to help raise your mood a little bit and clear your thinking. I know it might seem like it's taking up time when you could be revising but if you aren't able to revise anyway then it's worth taking 20-30 minutes out every few days to relax.
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