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The matriculation exam in the English language was held on Monday as scheduled, but the test forms were exchanged with different questionnaires, after one of the original examination booklets was leaked to social media networks.

The test booklet that was leaked was for the three-point and four-point examinations. The apparent source was in one or more Arab high schools in the so-called Little Triangle, an area in central Israel that is roughly bounded by the Arab towns of Baka al-Garbiyeh, Taibeh and Tira.

The examination, which began at 4:45 P.M. on Monday, was nearly canceled but in the end the Education Ministry decided to go ahead with it and even gave the students an extra half hour to complete the questions.

It was the fourth time this year in which a matriculation exam has been leaked to the social networks. This is one of the most comprehensive exams, consisting of seven separate exam booklets. Around 200,000 students take it every year. In the previous instances this year, the sections of the exam that were made public were scrapped.

Last week the Education Ministry announced the cancellation of two parts in the matriculation exam in Hebrew language and literature for the Arab sector, after they were leaked to social networks. The leak was discovered shortly before the exams were to be held. The exams have not yet been rescheduled.

In January the matriculation exam in Arabic literature was canceled at the last moment after the test questions were leaked, as was a three-point mathematics exam, for the same reason.

I think two things come out from this article:

Israel's education ministry needs to get a grip and stop allowing the leaking of exam information.
Arab students seem to be bearing far more of a brunt of this than Jewish students. It does seem strange how when an exam is leaked with Jewish students taking it, they are allowed to continue with it- but for Arab students, a leaked exam means a cancelled exam. I think all exams that are leaked should be cancelled, for obvious reasons. It isn't fair to examine based on something a student could have picked up through a leak.

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