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Urgent Advice Needed: Nerves or am I re-thinking my entire choices. ADJUSTMENT watch

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    So i'm currently holding a firm offer to study English at Queen Mary University of London offer is 320 UCAS points.

    I've visited three times now, I loved it and I would love to go there and i'm happy that they want me there too!

    However recently, call it either nerves of reality or just me over thinking... I'm wonder if i'm re-thinking my choices.

    In my AS's I got ABCD (lol) and I took the ABC through to A2.

    In the run up to submitting my UCAS application, I was discouraged from applying to Exeter and Surrey as both of them have higher offers of AAA/AAB and AAB... at the time this seemed understandable.

    However I have completely excelled this year... completely... and without tempting fate i'm now predicted to get getting an A* in English this year, an A in History and a B in Law.

    I've read about adjustment, and i've read about the fact that it barely works for anyone, but i'm feeling a bit miffed that I was discouraged from applying to certain unis that I did really want to go to simply because of my AS grades. I'm one of these people which hate feeling 'what if?' and I don't know what to do... I guess it'l have to wait until results day, but what if I do come out with A*AB and there's simply no places in exeter/surrey?
    My parents are very much against me taking a year out, but is it harsh to think that if I did greatly exceed my offer i'd consider it?

    I just need someone to talk to me straight, not getting the best advice from my parents

    Thank you to anyone who read this!

    I get you 100%. My firm offer is also queen Mary but for business management and the conditions are ABB. I got AAAC and dropped one of the A's because I didn't like it and I went forward with AAC but didn't apply to uni's like KCL and UCL and Cass business school because I thought the AAA conditions were too high and I didn't get an A at GCSE maths. But now I think I am on track to getting AAA or at least AAB and think I could be accepted at better uni's, although I am grateful for queen Mary aswell considering I got an offer through extra from them but feel I've let myself down. It's natural to feel nervous and there are a lot of people feeling like you (including myself). You may still find places in adjustment, at the end of the day English isn't the most popular subject and other people may miss their offers. The main thing I would say is yes of course try your luck through adjustment (I will aswell) but be grateful for Queen Mary aswell because you could have done worse. You said you loved queen Mary aswell so at least you didn't hate it. Hope this helps

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    Personally, I think that uni is too expensive and time consuming to not go where you really want to. Undoubtedly, on results day there will be places through clearing for both Exeter and Surrey! I think that you should definitely see what you get in results day, and if it turns out great and you've excelled more than you first though you should call up both of them and go through clearing. It'll be worth it if you do get in as the opportunities that will stem from it will be higher - not that there's anything wrong at all Queen Mary!


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