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    my situation is a little different as my parents are buying me a flat and my partner and a (if it makes a difference male, single) friend are moving in with me.
    we have decided to write up a roommate agreement but what do you suggest as rules?
    we already agreed on some rules;

    House rules
    1 clean the kitchen tops and floor after use
    2 bathroom cleaning/hovering/taking out the bin rota
    3 bathroom rota. When do we all have showers?
    4 food/cleaning buying rota
    5 refill the brita pot and ice cube tray after use
    6 clean the fridge if you spill anything
    7 don’t leave dishes in the sink for more than 12 hours
    8 if the bin is ¾ full don’t try to fill it up with more rubbish, TAKE IT OUT and replace the bag
    9 give a head’s up if you want anyone to stay
    10 no loud conversations past 10 30
    11 we all pay an equal share of the rent and bills; gas, electricity, internet, water, and yearly upkeep for the block of flat (which changes each year)
    12 no smoking inside the flat
    13 if friends are coming over/making noise we need to tell each other first
    14 breaking any of the rules will result in £3 being put in the take away jar
    15 we will split the cost of cleaning products, toilet roll and basic foods
    16 any breakages need to be paid for by the individual responsible
    17 call X immediately if anything ‘big’ breaks in the flat or stops working
    18 do not drink from the carton
    19 if anyone feels uncomfortable with a particular friend, do not bring them over
    20 personal music should be listened to with headphones unless during the day (before 6) and not at a time of stress/revision
    21 ask before using smelly joss sticks/air fresheners and everyone needs to shower every day and aerate your room
    22 leave everyone’s mail in the designated communal area and any packages that are delivered on the kitchen table
    23 tell the others well in advance when/if you want to move out
    24 stick to your own areas/cupboards
    25 always lock up, close the curtains, turn off appliances and turn off the lights when you leave a room or the flat
    26 hang up wet towels and take clothes off the drying rack the moment they are dry
    27 always restock toilet roll, soap, washing up liquid and tell each other when things run out
    28 no leaving rude notes, contact each other directly

    what else?
    thanks x

    That's good enough. Hope you all get along well

    As you said you are in a different situation as you know all of the people you are moving in with. With our flat, it is constantly a mess and nothing really gets done. This is mainly down to the fact that we dont not all get on.


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