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    Hey guys, was wondering if anybody would be able to let me know how many working marks I'd get for the following mistakes I made:

    Here's a link to the unofficial markscheme in case it helps:

    For Q1Bii) To find A, I attempted a simultaneous equation with the equation given, and the one calculated, but have the wrong answer?

    Q4d) To find the smallest length, I used pythagoras with the radius 5rt2 and minused it from another length I had (which is wrong), but would I get any marks for working??

    Q5c) I identified that the values in the complete square form changed, to (x+0.5)^2 + (y+2.5)^2, however I left 'c' the same and didn't minus the 1/4 from 0.5^2, so my quadratic was incorrect. How many working marks, if any?

    Question 6b) I stupidly differentiated 24pi(r)-pi^4/2, instead of 24pi(r)-pi^3/2 (I differentiated with the power 4 instead of 3). I think I did dy/dx and d2y/dx2 correctly, however I differentiated the wrong expression! Would I get any marks carried forward for this, or would I get 0?

    Question 7a) The cubic graph, I wrote down that x=0 and x=3, however the graph that I drew (despite going through 0 and 3) was wrong. Would I get any of the 3 marks?

    Question 8c) Another ridiculous mistake, I couldn't figure out the factors to factorise with (36 and -4), so put b^2-4ac from the previous question into the quadratic formula, however I didn't solve anything as I ran out of time. Would I get a mark for working for doing this?

    If you read all of this post, I thank you enormously!
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Updated: May 13, 2015


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