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    The BBC recently covered CRISPR which is a very precise and potent genetic engineering technique which involves cutting out a gene and replacing it with another version, e.g. taking out a faulty gene and replacing it with the healthy version. Potentially this could also be done for non-disease related genes such as appearance and other features. A scientist quoted in the article said that this was a massive issue for society.

    I totally disagree. I made a little skit to show why I disagree. Meet Philip and Mary in the UK post-CRISPR approval.

    :lol: What do you think?

    (Original post by Flying Cookie)
    What do you think?
    Good effort, if frenetic. You shouldn't clap your hands together when making points. It is both distracting and irritating. You should also learn how to pronounce "reproduce" ( REE PRO DYUCE).

    Nice video haha..
    whether or not designer babies are an issue depends on what this science is used for.
    I think one of the concerns is that the "rich people" would use their wealth to customize their children, whereas others may not be able to access this "service" as easily.
    Not only that, but designing your on child is unnatural... It comes down to personal preference, but if this did start to happen, there would, subsequently, be a need for rules and regulations (most probably laws) which help to set limits and boundaries for it.


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