ELLA1 - English combined AQA possible questions?

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I'm doing kite runner analysis and streetcar named desire production and was wondering if anyone knew any possible questions that could come up? I'm at a complete loss.
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Hi! I asked the same question the other day on this forum and gained no response...

Although, I've decided to predict possible questions.

I assume that you will be doing the analysis question on Streetcar first, yes? In that case, it could be anything relating to themes, motifs, symbols, scenes/structure or characters. A few examples in the past on this particular test have included analysing a character's progression between 2 specific scenes, describing the relationship between 2 particular characters, i.e- Stella and Blanche, Stanley and Blanche etc... and motifs (i.e- Paper Lantern) and what it is William's is trying to represent.

I really, really shouldn't worryto much about 'what the question is'- stay focused on revising dramatic techniques and language choices! Those two will inevitably be included within the question. The question is always 'Compare/How/Explain...Williams presents ...' Please include, DT and LC! Plus... Learn you texts so so so so so so so will, there should be no hesitation when it comes to finding quotations and extracts!

A few examples of dramatic techniques are structure (exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, resolution, denouement) character types (antagonist, protagonist, stock character- someone like the Mexican woman, who doesn't have any specific personality, but represents more of a symbol than anything else), monologues/dialogue (any hysterical/exclamatory/hyperbole/exclamative lexis? (links to language choices) [synatx- moods (imperative, declarative, exclamative, interrogative) Type: Minor, simple, "compound", complex.
What are the clauses doing? Are they subordinating a main clause? That's a complex sentence! If there are 2 main clauses, then in that case it's compound, simple is 1 clause and minor is an ellipted phrase/ utterance.

Language Choices: Always consider what effect this is having on the audience and why William's chose specific lexis.

Verbs (dynamic/stative) Modal auxiliaries? (should, could, would) included in hedg(e)ing
Adjectives (superlative, comparative) Pre/ Post modifying?
Adverbs, modifiers, intensifiers
Nouns (abstract, concrete)
Pronouns (plural, singular? 1,2,3)

more tips on what you may want to do-
identify things like hedging, rhetoric, parallelism, euphonisms, paradox, juxtaposition, imagery (metaphor, simile, personification)
adjacency pairs in dialogue- [Spoken word terms] is there convergence/ overlaps/ interruption/ self repair/ emphasis...

Idiolect? Examples? Phonetic spelling, pronunciation, clipping, elision ('gonna')

I'm sure I have a lot more suggestions, these are just thoughts off the top of my head for Unit 1 Streetcar and a way of analying the question and answering it properly!

Kite Runner..................................................................................................................................

R T F Q- read the f*cking question! It's the most enjoyable part of the exam. No sarcasm implied. You have at least 40 mins to prove to the examiner that you're creative, so if you understand the characters in Kite Runner, all 12of them.

Amir, Hassan, Baba, Rhim Khan, Sohrab, Sofia, Sanubar, Farzana, Jamilla, Gen. Tahiri, Assef, Ali.

You should have no problem using their voice, just make sure you're in the correct narrative and write in the way in which the examiner has asked you to.. duhhh!

Anyway, it's getting late and I've literally brain farted all the stuff I know I need to take into the exam on Friday...

Gook luck and please let me know how you get on!?

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