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    I cannot remember anything about salts and I need an easy explanation!
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    (Original post by aoifetoni)
    I cannot remember anything about salts and I need an easy explanation!
    Heya, I'm going to put this in the chemistry forum for you as you should get more responses there.

    You should also check out the forum to see if there's any other threads there which might be helpful to you!

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    (Original post by aoifetoni)
    I cannot remember anything about salts and I need an easy explanation!
    Hi there

    I'm not sure what level of detail your looking for but for a simple explanation, I found this on BBC BiteSize http://www.bbc.co.uk/education/guides/zptrd2p/revision
    'A salt is any compound formed by the neutralisation of an acid by a base."

    I also found some information about on the AQA website about what they expect a candidate to know;
    (you may need to scroll down a bit)

    2.6.1 Making salts

    a) The state symbols in equations are (s), ( l ), (g) and (aq).

    b) Soluble salts can be made from acids by reacting them with:

    metals – not all metals are suitable; some are too reactive and others are not reactive enough
    insoluble bases – the base is added to the acid until no more will react and the excess solid is filtered off
    alkalis – an indicator can be used to show when the acid and alkali have completely reacted to produce a salt solution.
    Additional guidance:

    Candidates should be able to suggest methods to make a named soluble salt.

    c) Salt solutions can be crystallised to produce solid salts.

    d) Insoluble salts can be made by mixing appropriate solutions of ions so that a precipitate is formed. Precipitation can be used to remove unwanted ions from solutions, for example in treating water for drinking or in treating effluent.

    Additional guidance:

    Candidates should be able to name the substances needed to make a named insoluble salt.

    I hope that's of some help.
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Updated: May 14, 2015


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