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Best to not mention I'm a virgin? watch

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    I'm 18 and a virgin- I'm not saying thats bad but most 18 year old girls are not virgins, yes there are loads but not where I'm from.

    I've been talking to friends and they say when talking to a guy its best to not mention that guys. They claim that it will attract sexist guys who think the girl should be a virgin or could put guys off.

    When the time comes is it best to just mention I'm a virgin before having sex? I wouldn't want someone to make assumptions about me being a virgin... as in society you get judged for being a virgin.

    Also- I'm a 'super virgin'- never kissed etc. Defo will never admit that to someone. lol

    In boys eyes, a virgin is simply a girl that is hard to get. You will attract the alpha's trying to pop your cherry

    Girl listen, there is no shame in being a virgin and tbh most of my friends are still virgins so don'y worry about it. It'll happen when it'll happen
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    I feel where you're coming from. I had my first kiss at 18, and from there I've slowly done more and more. I have a second date Friday (With a different girl) and I know she wants to have sex.

    Did I lie to every girl I've met at uni? Yes. Here's my rationale.
    1) The girl might think that my "first time" should be with someone i know better.

    2) ​Girls like guys with stories and past experience.

    3)People look for something wrong in you when they find out how little experience you have.

    Anyway my first kiss doesn't know that she was my first and she never will. Is this romantic? No. But there's no excuse for not kissing. Lack of Sex you can blame on religion, personal beliefs, or pregnancy, but not kissing.

    In short: My advice is to say You've never had sex because you were unsure about it, but now you feel ready. Don't mention the lack of kissing. If you need kissing tips watch Titanic or something.

    And yes I know you guys will say be honest, but its easy to say that and in reality there are negative consequences to honesty.

    (Original post by member1753327)
    In boys eyes, a virgin is simply a girl that is hard to get. You will attract the alpha's trying to pop your cherry
    I actually agree with you to some point but usually when guys find out a girl virgin they either just try to get in her pants... or they freak out thinking its her first time. Its hard to meet guys who are not a d*** about it.

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    Tell him so he knows to have some clean sheets in the draws.

    we should meet up to talk about it
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