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    Hi guys,

    (wasn't sure where to post this but mods please post it in the right section, if wrong)
    Let me give you a little background info on me before i begin. I have been born and raised in the UK all my life. However, as i have got older, people around me have noticed that my speech patterns are kind of...different. For example, when i say "ask", it ends up sounding like " arks", or crisps will end up sounding like something else. It''s so annoying as it's not like i am not well spoken or anything. Or sometimes, when i am saying those words (yes, those two in their wrong pronunciation form), i feel a sort of slight bubble/sudden rise of saliva on the top or bottom of my tongue as i say them. I just want to be able to pronounce these words without sounding weird esp as it just sounds odd to others. I have read tongue twisters help foreign speakers with pronouncing English words. I tried a few earlier in the week for 15 minutes..not sure if it will make any difference.

    Also, i have developed this weird thing in which when i am about to talk, i am constantly over thinking of how i want to say what i am about to say and in order to make sure to stop me from saying anything too random/not relevant or any words that will sound odd when pronounced. It's so frustrating! Or sometimes, i can never seem to articulate myself properly (sometimes when i am not over thinking). Like i will explain a sentence in a weird way (grammar wise, i think) of putting it rather than just saying it normal and upfront like everyone else. Maybe, it's a grammar problem or something..Funny thing , is that i never experienced this when i was growing up..so maybe it's an over thinking thing that has now got in the way of my speech?

    In addition to this, when i do talk i end up not being able to talk loudly or something. I am always asked to repeat myself as people can't hear or something. I don't think i speak low but i guess, sometimes it comes out as if i am mumbling or whatever. I hate having to repeat myself. Is this related to the over thinking? I mean, when i am with my best friends, i don't over thinking or whatever and just talk and i am known to be the most loudest and random one. Also, when this happens, i feel that weird saliva sensation. Maybe, i'm just not opening my mouth wide enough when talking?

    I have read tongue twisters help foreign speakers with pronouncing English words. I tried a few earlier in the week for 15 minutes.. i did notice that my voice seem more projected when talking and wasn't as mumbly as it usually does..not sure if it will make any difference.to the pronunciation of the above mentioned words.

    If anyone can help me out, that would be great!


    (Original post by Anonymous)
    My advice to you is to focus on the motion of each specific word before you say it. You mention that you took a long time to say each word due to focusing on not messing it up, and this isn't necessarily a bad thing. Try your best to take your time on each word. In regards to speaking loudly, prepare to speak before you do. Don't let your mind wander and mumble your words. When you're speaking to anybody, it should take up the entirety of your attention for the short period of time that you spend moving your lips and tongue.

    I'm not sure if this is helpful, I've been trying shake an accent that I've developed, and I can't express the value of taking your time and thinking before you speak enough.

    Best of luck!
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