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Hi, so ever since i could remember all i ever wanted to do was medicine, but i think my chances have been completely screwed. So i went to sixth form last year and 3/4 of the way my grandad got ill so we had to move house to be closer and i couldn't transfer college because of different exam boards meaning i only got the chance to sit one exam (Psychology). This year i continued with A2 psychology but got bored of doing the same bio and chem classes all over again for another year so i chose unrelated a levels and thought id try the widening access route with non-science A Levels. I still do Maths though. I ended up with a B in psychology at AS because i got and A in unit 1 and an E in unit 2 after i had moved college and self taught the end of the course (does this count as extenuating circumstances?) So i re-sat the unit 2 module which i guess messed up my chances i assumed? This year Im predicted A*(A2) AB(AS) is this even remotely possible to still be accepted? Im worried about the fact that it says a levels must be completed in 2 years. They have individually but not as a whole?
Someone be brutal and tell me my chances please? Anyone experienced anything similar?

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