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Who would you say is the best Bank and why? watch

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    Personally I use Citi bank in the UK and ANZ back home, here's why;
    Citi - It is an account that costs, in this case £25 a month unless you meet some ridiculous requirements but then again they only offer Sterling and Gold accounts in England as standard accounts in Aussie, US etc. its better but still I just use them for the benefit of getting free SWIFT transfers [this is gold not silver [sterling] but theyre also a lot better than the others ive found in dealing with problems an example I encountered was Lloyds bank screwed up a payment for their CC when I had one and also when I was scammed they shut down my account despite a police chief personally telling them I was a victim of fraud not the perpetrator and others who got caught in this were treated well by their banks but still Citi understood and in the few problems theyve made theyve always been very helpful [24/7] i got charged an account fee for my silver account because one of my Direct Debits was shut down by the company but they refunded it since it wasnt my fault
    ANZ I use back in NZL as well same as Citi really bar the SWIFT and as its a GO account its fee free [most aussie and nzl bank accounts arent] they also offer 5% on savings and 4% on my general money there and their general attitude is far better, not to mention they offer an investing service for stocks/bonds/debt etc. at no charge bar one off fees for the transaction $15 so a damn handy bank in my opinion although Kiwi bank and ASB were okay
    Oh also have a Citi current account in Aussie which has a load of nice perks like free wine at restaurants if i use that card

    In England though the two banks I truly hate are Lloyds and even more Santander!! I missed a payment into the student account by 1 day [they didnt even warn me about it] and they cancelled the O/D and turned it into a debt... asses! and I've mentioned why I hate Lloyds which is a shame since I used them for over a decade... but c'est la vie!

    So what are your opinions and why ?
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    thats completely different to my experience with lloyds, we have till the end of the working day the payment was meant to clear on our joint account to realise if its gone overdrawn and a £20 overdraft without a fee anyway and whenever we get an appointment the advisers are lovely to us.

    My personal favourite is 1st Direct. They offer a good account opening cash payment, plus the best customer service I've ever had from a bank (or pretty much another other company tbh).

    I'm with the Co-operative student account in my third year, and I have a £2000 overdraft which helps a lot with initial rent coming out at the start of the month and then the loan coming in a week later.

    They also offer a year after your 4th to pay off any overdraft you may have accrued, which I think is great.

    I was with Abbey National/Santander for years before and they went naff imo

    I don't like Santander or Lloyds. Santander blocked access to an account I had without telling me until I asked why I couldn't get access to the money and it was a lot of hassle to get access to it again. They also made it difficult for me to close my other account. And the code you needed to get into online banking was too long to remember.
    And Lloyds automated telephone banking system is the worst plus many of their advisors are unhelpful when your trying to help your elderly mother as my Mum needs to.

    No problems with Natwest so far.

    Probs the Iron bank of Braavos.

    under the mattress

    Santander and Barclays haven't let me down yet.
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