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    Hi Guys, I need some advice.

    I retook an exam at a school in the UK, maths SL paper 2 yesterday. The school took my calculator the night before to put it into press to test mode I assume, I use a TI Nspire, the school uses the TI 84. When I got into the exam I checked the light to see it was in PTP mode which is was, however was forbidden from using my calculator to check what had been enabled/disabled. Everything was disabled, and I could not use the logarithm template, solve polynomials and simultaneous equations, and the other two, inequality graphing and trigonometric functions I didn't need in my methods.

    I told the invigilator, who brought the IB Coordinator over, I explained to them my calculator had been incorrectly put into press to test mode, and I would not be able to do some things that I may need to during the exam to answer questions. Fortunately I had an old spare Nspire in my backpack downstairs, I told them about it and said there was a cable we could use to my calculator by taking it out of test mode and back in correctly again.

    They bought my old calculator to me, however it has terrible battery life, so I refrained from using it where necessary and it died once or twice during the exam when I needed to use it. I was able to work between the calculators during the exam.

    However during this, I lost time and my working during the exam was a bit more frantic than what it would have been. I changed how I the questions and felt rushed until I understood what I could and couldn't do with my calculators. I didn't get to finish the paper completely, the last two parts of the final questions I didn't touch, and didn't have sufficient time remaining to check any my work.

    My parents are telling me to pursue a D2 form to the IB, to make a case for adverse circumstances during the exam. I am not sure what to do as it seems a sticky situation. I was able to complete what I could to the exam, but I encountered some problems that definitely impacted my performance because of the calculator issue. I don't want to make a fuss about it if the blame is mine. Does anyone have any experience or advice for me?

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Updated: May 14, 2015


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