Structure for WJEC English Literature GCE A Level Exam 15/5/15

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Can someone please post some kind of paragraph structure or essay plan?

In need of some serious help.

Thanks in advance for any advice.
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This is the structure I've been using and I've been getting mostly As so hope this is helpful:

Paragraph 1: Brief general introduction, usually only a few lines.

Paragraph 2: Introduce first poem and write about structure and form in relation to creating meaning, linking it back to the question. Suggest alternative reading then make comparison with partner text.

Paragraph 2: Pick out some key techniques and language used and analyse how it creates meaning, contrast to partner text techniques.

Paragraph 3: Write about the wider themes and implications of the poem, I usually do this after picking out something in the final stanza, contrast it to the partner text.

Then I just repeat for the second poem. I usually make one comparison link between the partner and the core and two contrasting links, but suggest that one of the contrasts could be read differently to fulfil the other Ao3.

Paragraph 1: Another brief introduction asserting the claims in the question.

Paragraph 2: Pick out a few dramatic techniques used and analyse how the create meaning/atmosphere, suggest how the audience would feel etc. Always making sure I link it back to the question. Discuss how stage directions shape character attitudes then link attitudes to wider context.

Paragraph 3: Analyse the functions of the characters and what they represent, how language does this etc. Use this to make relevant contextual link. Make note of any use of particular techniques (I.e irony, humour). Suggest how an audience at the time of first performance would react+what characters they would sympathise with/not.

Then I'd follow the same structure for the second exract. Always make use of at least 10 minutes planning, I always end up rambling if I don't have a plan to follow and time is of the essence! I try to keep my essays around 2 and a half to 3 pages. What texts are you studying? I'm doing Larkin+Abse and Murmuring Judges. Hope this helps!
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For poetry they told us:

1) Intro

2) First Plath
3) First Huges (in comparison with Plath)

4) Second Plath
5) Second Hughes (in comparison with Plath)

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