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Snooping! Am I a horrible person?! watch

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    So been seeing this guy for a while but he keeps running hot and cold with me and don't know where i stand (pretty sure he doesn't either) any way we're not exclusive or anything so I don't really mind if he's kissing other girls or doing stuff with them or whatever like we're not ready for that.

    BUT I also don't want to look like a complete idiot if one day I sign into Facebook and it says " X is in a relationship with gorgeous random girl who came literally out of nowhere"

    So anyway I stayed at his 2 weeks ago and while i was there his flat mate dropped him in it about how he got with this girl "Kelly" AGAIN (not her real name by the way) and i was like again??? I'm the only again that means he must like her??????

    and while i was there he borrowed my phone because he left his at the club so anyway he signed into Facebook and left it logged in.

    So I got all the way home and was really worried about this other girl like I was so jealous and I feel kind of heartbroken

    about a week later i noticed he was still signed in (i rarely use Facebook). and i know its wrong but i couldn't help myself I snooped. And then i found a message to a friend about her saying how gorgeous she was and I cried after reading it. A lot actually.

    Then i did something even worse. I unfriended her. Logged into his account I unfriended her. Am I a terrible person?

    Anyway i checked it again this morning she's already sent him a friend request? what do I do?! >.<

    Okay, it's completely normal to be jealous but trust me u friending this girl isn't going to put you in a better position. I honestly would log out of his Facebook because you will just end up feeling worse and if he finds out he will definitely be annoyed. You aren't going to end their relationship no matter what it is simply by deleting her on Facebook although I wish that were true!

    I would say that the best thing for you to do is stop worrying about his relationships with other girls and talk to him about yours so you can define what it is because you evidently have solid feelings for him and it isn't great for either of you tube stuck in an in between phase.

    So I would talk to him to see where he stands with the other girl, but honestly I wouldn't think that the best way to stop it is through Facebook. If he actually likes her then you should probably be prepared to deal with that but he may not which is why you need to sort that out with him.

    He may only be trying stuff with this girl because he wants to see how you will react or just because he has no clue where you two stand so is exploring options. So talk to him! The worst that can happen is that it's not meant to be and you will move on and find a better guy. Who defines your relationship properly.

    I hope it works out for you!
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