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I flirt with literally everyone without realising 😭 watch

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    This is actually pretty embarrassing but I I unintentionally flirt with guys! I'm quite a friendly person anyway and the thing is when I don't fancy a guy I tend to 'flirt' with them more because I feel comfortable around them however my friends say that I flirt too much and I think it may get me into trouble. There's a guy that I talk to and I know he doesn't like affection and stuff so I try to hug him and stuff just as a joke but I think it may be getting to the point where I'm flirting without realising. My friend has a crush on this guy and I feel bad because he snapchats me quite a bit but jokingly. He asked me for nudes as a joke obviously because he's no way near the type to show affection or even have a girlfriend and I thought nothing of it but when I told one of my other friends about this she said they we're flirting and basically I CANT STOP

    Good for you...

    Accept that you are a slut and move on
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    Thats a little harsh, maybe she is just nice.
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    I have a friend like this and I always stick up for her by saying she's just too nice and everyone seems to think she just leads guys on but I know she doesn't do it with bad intentions. I don't think you can change yourself but maybe just think before you act, especially if it could affect others.

    I wanna be friends with you.

    ...No, seriously. I'd much prefer a mate that's more touchy-feely and intimate than one who's quite detached and/or awkward. That's not to say there's anything particularly bad about the latter, just that I'd find the former a better friend and probably get on better with them. Someone who is comfortable physically is more likely to be close emotionally, which for me is the basis of the best, most intimate, down-to-0earth friendships.

    In this particular scenario, I'd say it's probably a good idea to lay off your friend's crush. You've got to understand that not everyone has the same outlook as you, and the vast majority of guys and girls would get jealous in a scenario like that. If you wanna save your friendship, tone it down with her crush.
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