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    I am very concerned with this, and I want to know whether I'm overreacting.

    Instances of copying me:

    1) I got a guitar for my birthday, as I've always wanted to learn it. I have a real passion for music, and I'm not just talking about mainstream stuff, I mean a lot of Yanni, african music etc. She, I know for a fact, DEFINITELY doesn't love music as much as me (and her tastes extend upto Taylor Swift and 5SOS, which is not a bad thing because I LOVE T SWIFT AND 5SOS, but I feel like when you say you're a connoisseur of music, you should know more than just mainstream pop), but a month later, she bought a guitar for herself to learn, even though she's already learnt a bit of piano and said that it's her favourite instrument and now, she's started playing it.

    2) I also write songs. Not exactly songs, but more like lyrics without the tune. Recently, even she's started doing it and writing songs and showing to our group of friends, who coo and cluck over it. I dunno, but I always felt like writing was MY forte. She's always been good at maths and science, but english language is sort of my domain.

    3) For Science practicals, I started drawing flowcharts to make planning experiments easier. A week later, I see them in her book. Maybe she just thought it was a better method of working, but the thing is ALL my other friends saw it and said it was a good method, but NO ONE copied me, except her.

    4) I always said that I had a thing for bracelets and that they were my obsession. Earrings were always her thing and she was known for wearing interesting earrings. I recently started buying a lot of charm bracelets, and then I found out that she went to the same shop I go to and bought better, more expensive bracelets and started saying that she's obsessed with bracelets now.

    These are a few instances.

    I know it seems VERY childish, but it's bothering me a lot. I KNOW that if you were there in my place, you'd feel annoyed too. The basic outline of the situation is this : Whatever I do, she does a better version of it and shows it off to the world, and I'm left, standing in a corner. It's like every single thing I do turns into a petty game/competition with her, like 'how can I top it and make her feel bad'

    I know this sounds very *****y of me, but PLEASE help me. Everyday I come home feeling like crying. i have to listen to her talking about music and how much she loves it when I KNOW even that is something she copied from me, before she met me, she didn't even know who Taylor swift was. It's like everything is a challenge for her, and her aim in life is to outdo me.

    Nothing hurt me as much as the song-writing thing though. I'm the only one in our school who does it, and I felt TERRIBLE when she took it up a week after I showed my book of lyrics to my friends.

    I think you should just be honest and tell her

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    tell her you feel she's doing everything you do & its getting very overwhelming.
    & that are things you like to do solo but make sire your not overeacting you might lose a gd friend.

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    Ew competitive friends suck. Call her out on it or 'dump' her as a friend. To put it bluntly she sounds insecure so she leeches everything off of you. Yepp it's super annoying but you either have to live with it and just try and own all the things you do and show disinterest when she makes it about herself, or you throw that grenade and run in the other direction. Good luck!

    As you get a bit older, you tend to realise that people copying you is more of a compliment rather than anything negative. I understand it's extremely annoying, a girl I know used to copy me ALL THE TIME in like Year 7 but she then became my best friend and we both started doing our different things and the copying stopped. I did have a massive argument with her about it, so maybe that's why it also stopped.

    Why don't you talk to your friend and tell her that it's bothering you.

    If not, just don't mention to her what you're doing that you think she might copy you on.

    But honestly, as you get older, you won't even care. These things happen in life, you just gotta deal with it / ignore it.

    PS* I've always wanted to learn guitar! You're so lucky you can play :')

    if it bothers you a lot you should ask her straight up why she copies you and if she could stop. id find it annoying too.
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