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    basically i will give you some back story first. i joined a new school in september and i made my friendship group and all. i met this girl (i'll call her kim to make things easier) in my friendship group and we had thing going for a bit, then it ended around christmas. Well skipping forward a bit to about three weeks before the first half term of 2015 kim's bestfriend ( i'll call her mary) of a long ass time told me she really liked me and we got talking and mary told me that if i want to be with her it has to be secret and made we wait till halfterm to make sure that i liked her. anyways half term call and we start a secret thing and i started to really like her and we had loads in common and got on really well and all. i told my guy friends about it as i trusted them and was thinking when i told them. this is now a about a month or so into our thing. one day mary and i were hanging out and someone saw us and a rumor went round about us but no one took seriously and it died out. mary and i had argument about it and i ended up telling her that i had told my guys and she ended it at that point. anyway one of my mates 17th party came round and i was drunk like everyone else there and kim started make movements to me and i idiotically got with her, which basics show mary that i was over her but i wasnt and im not and i really like her. kim and i are now in a thing and she really likes me and i do like her but like im still hung up on mary and idk what to do and breaking up with kim doesnt really work cause it will cause her a lot of upset and we are all in the middle of exams and no ones needs that stress or upset right now and the rest of the friendship group think im really into her too.
    i have no idea what i should do pls help

    im 16 and yeah i know the situation is super messed up and it basically all my fault, but idk what to do
    btw im in england using the english state school calender if that helps

    you're still having your exams. focus on that now. after that, get both girls together and have a thorough discussion, but before you do: http://psychcentral.com/lib/15-commo...anisms/0001251
    make sure you're aware of what defence mechanisms you or them may have used during your arguments - most are on the first page.
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