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What shall I do to make things right? watch

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    Basically, I want to get the guy back I was kind of seeing. He was a really nice dude with great banter tbh and extremely good looking.. My insecurities got the best of me seeing as everyone I know in my life has lied to me at some point, twisted the truth or I have never had that constant stability in my life... I have now explained this to him and why I have been the way I am, even apologised to him and said I am ashamed of my behaviour and I am so sorry for pushing him away as well as telling him I am going to work on my issues onto being a better person - I have a feeling though I may have gave him the impression I never trusted him, which isn't true.. It just takes me time to trust someone :/ ... I then turned my phone off and planning on leaving it off for a while.. I have logged out of Facebook,twitter and deleted the apps because I know if I see him on social media - I will just get upset or I will keep looking at his profile... I even signed out of snapchat too... While I try and give him space for a bit in the hope he will actually miss me...

    There is a story to this tbh while I was being like this with him... But it is a bit long winded.. If you wanna know, I will pm you.. I feel for now the best thing to do is give him his space however, I do own his jacket and hat and I feel I should give this back to him at some point.. Plus. I do feel like I should talk to him face to face to try and sort it out - even if we just remain as friends... I just know for now, probably give him some space for a few days :/....

    I do really like him and I feel so bad for my issues affecting being with him.. I can get attached too easily and this has hit me hard - despite understanding it too... I was just wondering - if there is anyway I could possibly get him back?? I am hoping he will meet up with me or when I see him (he works at my local where I drink at) he will realise what he's missed (I plan on going to the gym and eating better - mind you, been only eating four chicken nuggets in a way)...

    Any advice on anything I have said would be very helpful. Thanks (sorry for rambling on too)
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    Turn your phone back on, if he is trying to contact you then he is going to think you are ignoring him. You need to get logged back onto things and just try and find the control not to make yourself upset by looking at his profiles etc. But if I were you I would leave it until tomorrow night and just say, okay I know I behaved badly and I'm truly sorry, I'm ready to talk whenever you want to whether it's in person or over the phone but I really hope we can sort this out - have a nice weekend x and just see what he says!! You will feel better for facing the issue heads on I promise, and he will see it as a ballsy and rational move from you...

    good luck!
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