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What would you do if you won the lottery!? watch

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    100 million...

    Save a lot, donate some, spend some, pay for myself and my brother to go to uni, buy my grandmother an adequate house

    Split it between my family. Leaving us with all about 20 million each.

    I'd give a sizeable sum to thoroughly researched charities. I'd save the majority of my share for future use on things such as postgraduate education, mortgages and other expensive life stuff.

    I'd probably put about 50K into an account to just spend as I wish. I certainly wouldn't squander it though, although I'd be able to buy more stuff and do more stuff like go on holiday my spending habits would remain pretty consistent and I wouldn't go around throwing money down the drain just because I could afford to.

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    100 million...
    Well firstly at that amount i'd probably no longer work above £10m.

    £10m - Houses and cars (big house, villas, apartments in major cities, chalet, main car would be something like a Bentley Flying Spur (chauffeur driven), second car would be something fast)
    £10m - Spending money

    £20m - Apartments and houses let out in London
    £20m - Stock portfolio
    £20m - Small businesses (probably a pub, cafe, florist, potentially a flower or crop farm)

    £10m - Divided between mother, father, step father, sister, half brother and step brother (paid out monthly)

    £10m - Saved for a rainy day

    If i make it to a few billion i'd probably fund some space ventures.

    kick 10 million back to the parents go to UBS and tell them to make me money on 50 million use 10 to buy several properties [UK, NZL, Russia] buy 20 millions worth of Gilts, treasury bills and NZL gvt debt and the final 10 hmmm buy all the nice things i've ever wanted donate 5 million to cancer research and finally get 1 million in cash and throw it from the top floor of the atrium at oxford circus or paddington etc. and see what happens

    oh and cocaine lots and lots of cocaine, like that scene from scarface
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    Welcome Squad
    £1m to my mother
    £1m to my dad & stepmother
    £1m to my mother-in-law
    £500k (x 2) to my sisters-in-law
    £10m (x4) to each of my children in a trust fund

    So that leaves £66m

    £1350,000 house (plus legal fees, so let's say £1500,000)

    £995,484 holiday home (plus fees, so again let's say £1500,000)

    We're onto what now? £63m?

    Okay now I'd find some worthy causes. Ya know, like a kid dying of cancer and their only hope is getting pioneering treatment from the US, but the parents can't afford to take them or the medical expenses...that sort of thing. I don't have a great fondness for organised charities, I think a lot of the money donated to them goes on paperwork and administration fees. I'd rather cut out the middle man and donate directly to people who need urgent help. Children would be my priority.

    I'd get all my kids into private schools if they wanted to go to school. If they didn't, I'd get them private tutors instead and have them home schooled. I know my daughter for one thing would prefer that - she's not really a people person and doesn't get on well with other kids, but she's exceptionally bright and loves learning.

    Of course there'd be the obvious - holidays, a new car...

    ooh speaking of which, when I was a kid I always said that one day I wanted to own a hot pink porsche boxster convertible. I'm flexible though - I mean I'd happily have this instead :

    Okay okay, I know, I'm a mother of four kids, and I have a husband - how would I fit everyone in that thing? *sigh*. Well I'd have one ANYWAY but I'd also have a 7 seater car.

    I'd put some money into my own business - I write books, so it would be expanding on that - merchandising and so on.

    The rest I'd live on.

    quit uni.


    Buy a few houses in spectacular places (Virgin Islands, Caymans, Bahamas, Turks/Caicos, Madrid, Venice, Malibu, Ft Lauderdale). Hire a staff and let them as expensive vacation homes (and of course reserve times when I want to be there.)

    Buy a huge ranch in Colorado, another in Ireland, one in Australia and turn them into animal rescue centres

    Invest in a few smaller farm-to-table or organic farming companies

    Buy a house each for my dad and 2 sisters

    Finance Uni for my niece and nephew

    Buy a sailboat (with captain, cook and crew) and sail the Caribbean.

    and live happily ever after!


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