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    ‘The Weimar Republic successfully recovered from its early problems in the years 1924-1928’. Do you agree?

    Please could you include three points that agree and three that disagree.

    Thank you

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    No more attempted revolutions post-Munich Putsch. Politically, it became reasonably stable.

    Accepted into the League of Nations.

    Signing of the Locarno treaties.

    The success of the Stresemann era and the renegotiation of reparations-the Young Plan.

    In 1928, industrial production levels finally reached pre-war levels and Germany regained its position in the world as the 2nd largest industrial manufacturer, behind the USA (the Roaring Twenties).

    The SDP was popular and most Germans supported them. In 1928 they formed a stable coalition committed to democracy.

    • NO

    Extremist organisations such as the Nazi Party built up their organisations in this time. 15% of the vote regularly went to parties opposed to democracy. Weimar failed to crack down on this. Nationalist attacked Stresemann's foreign policy, seeing it as too cautious, and wanted the Treaty Of Versailles torn up by Germany. Communists attacked Locarno, seeing it as conspiracy and plot against the government of the USSR. Weimar was still a troubled place.

    In 1925 Germans elected Hindenburg as president, a man who was opposed to democracy. He even wrote to the Kaiser who was in exile asking if he should take up the post or not.

    Many Germans were alarmed at the new traditions and the Vondervogel movement appeared. This was decadence, a powerful feeling which the Nazis later harnessed. The Bauhaus design college was in Dessau, because it was forced out of Weimar by hostile town officials.

    Any further questions, please ask!

    Sources: many painful years of history. Painful, but successful.

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    Thank you very much! Very helpful!!


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