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    Im 16 in about a few days, going into 6th form after summer, and im not very developed. I have a patch of dark pubic hair which is starting to curl, my voice has become deeper, and my penis has grown by about an inch and a half to 5 inches in length but hasnt really changed in thickness. My shoulders are still small with no toning, i still have a baby-like face which has that younger, slightly puffy look. Im just under 5'4. I have grown tiny, fine hairs on my armpits and some points of my chest and have started sweating more, but im so far behind everyone else. Seeing as im legal in a few days and my hormones are going crazy id love for girls in 6th form to take me seriously but it obviously wont happen. Im basically wondering if anyone has 6th form experience, and if there was anyone like me, how they were treated? And guys, when you got to the stage im at, how long did it take you to start looking more like a man (shoulders broadening, face changing, penis starting to look more like an adults, ect..)
    This is really bugging me, so any help is appreaciated, just done say 'you're a late bloomer, there's nothing you can do' because thats not what im asking and im sick of being told that, i already know :/
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    Talk to your GP?

    One of the things you may well be asked is what happened in terms of puberty when your parents were teenagers... do you know?

    You could also potentially have lower hormone levels due to some issue, or genetics. If you consult a physician they'd be able to discern your level of development compared to a baseline and if you don't match it, they may offer a temporary hormone boost, or they may want to diagnose why you're not meeting the baseline. Don't stress yourself out and worry / get mad about it, start looking into why it's not working the way you think it is, get your parents to let you go to a physician and go from there.
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    Im exactly the same, but worse, and I feel exactly the same as you, i'm smaller in all ways, and chubby. It sucks, don't it.
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