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    Can you please read this and tell me what grade it would get as I have my examine coming up soon and i'm doing some practice questions. This is an AQA question by the way.

    What do you think is the importance of Eva smith and how does priestly present her?

    The importance of the character Eva smith in an inspector calls is for priestly to have a character that represents the lower working class and how the actions of people higher in the hierarchy of social classes cause working class to suffer. Evidence of this is the quote: "You used the power you had the punish the poor girl." This suggests to the reader that priestly is trying to show us how people in higher in the hierarchy of social class have power that can ruin lives, and they shouldn't have this power. Priestly stresses how unfair this is through the play mainly when Eva is being talked about between the characters. This also shows how without Eva smith priestly wouldn't be able to present these views. Priestly also uses powerful words like "Punish." This tells the reader Priestley's intentions are to use strong language. Also the word "punish" maybe used because it shows how social class is treating working class people so badly and it's unfair. The word punish also is the type of word you would use to describe giving a consequence to someone who has done something wrong. Eva smith has done nothing wrong and is being punished for nothing. This again emphasizes the point priestly is trying to make about how the working class is treated unfairly and suffer due to the actions of people in higher classes than them. Although some could say it means that priestly is getting the message across that people don't use their power for good but abuse it and no one should have more power than someone else as it leads to devastating consequences which is explored later on in the book and is shown in the beginning when the inspector tells us Eva has killed her self due to all the problems she suffered due to the actions of people in a higher class than her.

    I'd say around a low to mid B grade, some of your sentences are structured quite awkwardly and could do with rephrasing.

    You've analysed the the use of language pretty well, but you kept referring to the 'reader' and the 'book' when it's a peice of drama and so you should swap 'reader' for audience and 'book' for play. When you mention the innocence of Eva, you could add it something on how the audience would perceive Eva, whether or not they would be sympathetic with her or not.

    You could also comment on the symbolism of the character, she is never seen on stage and so may be seen as symbolic of the thousands of other faceless and struggling working class women. You could also argue that Eva Smith is used to to highlight and expose the prejudiced and immoral attitudes of the upper class.

    Finally, you could comment on the choice of alternative name in 'Daisy Renton'. Daisies carry connotations of innocent and purity, and so could be read as symbolic of Eva. However, the purity and innocence is juxtaposed with the surnam 'renton', which (without being crude) sounds awfully similar to the term 'rentboy' - which is the prosititution of young boys. Although she obviously is not a boy, parrellels can certainty be drawn, and it is unlikely that the choice of name was accidental.

    A helpful tip for making sure you stay focused on the question to suggest how dramatic techniques such as emotive language are used to portray the function of particular character.

    Hope this helps!
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    Thanks! is there anything else I should include in future paragraphs for an A?
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