IB Subject Choice- please help!

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Hello everyone!

I will be finishing my iGCSEs in the next month and need to finalise my IB subject choices. I am planning to study Law at university. As of now, this is what I've got:

HL Chemistry
HL History
HL Psychology/ Economics
SL English Literature
SL French B
SL Maths

I am still deciding whether to do Psychology or Economics. I have very limited knowledge on both subjects (I did iGCSE business studies). I'm not sure which option will be more advantageous for reading Law, and also, which option is easier to get a 7?

Also, I am aware that HL Chemistry is definitely not needed for Law, but I'm just interested in the subject; I have heard that it is extremely difficult to get a 7 in Chem, so would it be better to bring it down to standard and bring French B up to higher (I'm not bad at french)?

I am not too confident in getting a high mark for English Literature so I think I'd be safer doing it at SL, would this affect my application as for Law?

I'm not too concerned about how enjoyable each subject is to be honest, yes I mean if it won't be too boring I guess I'll be more motivated to work, but currently I am more concerned about marks and I am not afraid of working my butt off for it

Thank you so much!!!
(Sorry for the abundance of questions)

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