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    How important is Candy to the novel, with reference to the social and historical background of 'Of Mice and Men'? [20 Marks]
    Candy plays an important role in story of mice and men, as he shows the common theme of loneliness, fear, aggression and discrimination. Candy is also known as the 'swamper', who is old, weak and 'crippled'. As a result is is worried about his future as he will serve no use to him self or other workers. This character shows the typical life of an average migrant worker
    The first sight of Candy was during chapter 2 where he welcomes the characters George and Lennie into the ranch. He starts off the conversation fairly aggressively "the boss was expecting you last night". This first approach to the strangers of the ranch shows how people were suspicious to each other, wondering whether they were there to steal their jobs. This hints that the scene was set in the 1930s, during the great depression of America. On the other hand however, as he tries to start a conversation by talking about the other ranch member as how "curley has married a tart". This unusual social interaction reflects back on how the workers had very little social interaction with people as they 'keep moving on', making it hard to find friends. The makes his charater lonely, showing the harsh, soletary life of workers
    Further more, he is also seen discriminating against women as he describes Curley's wife as a "tart". As women didn't have the same civil rights compared to men, people were prejudice other genders and their role in society.
    In the third chapter, the American dream was present, where 'everybody wanted a piece of land'. As soon as Candy over heard this conversation between George and Lennie, he offers to pitch in '$300' to be with them. This immediately shows that Candy is an isolated character who want to belong somewhere. Reflecting back on the history, people were on a constant move with no permanent settlement, as a result people fear over their future as they would soon have nowhere to go when they were 'canned'. This evidently shows fear within Candy as he also says "they will can be purty soon". As Candy seeks solace in his dream of have his own 'piece of land', he grows confident about his future. However Crooks state the truth saying 'not one of the ever gets it'. The two opposites together, with different views show the harsh reality of the bitter sweet dream people had.
    In the fourth chapter, Candy become a subject to Curley's wife's power. Under her fire, he experiences discrimination for how old he is, by stating " you lousy ol' sheep". Unlike today, the equality between people differed very much. The reason for this being is that old people were seen as useless, since they were unable to work and people had to provide them with food and resources. Here we also see the hierarchy in society, where people higher up such as Curley's wife'c current status, are able to abuse their powers towards workers as they rely on the higher ups to provide food and shelter to them.
    During the fifth chapter, Candy Was the first person to discover Curley's wife dead body. However, the most important subject on his mind was "you an' me can get that little place?". As selfish as Candy sounded, during the great depression, people often cared for them selves first as it was a struggle to survive on minimum wage alone. Looking back to the fourth chapter, the reality Crooks told Candy "nobody ever gets it", is true. This follows the speech of "often the best laid plans of mice and men go awry"
    In Conclusion, Candy shows the life cycle of the typical worker during the great depression,where workers were often subjected to discrimination for who they were such as age, race and gender. He also shows how people got blinded from reality with the American dream in mind, causing them to drift away from reality. Further more, where the people are getting "no use to them selves", their weeks continues on to cycle around in a circle where they are stuck in poverty.

    You basiclly retold his plot, you need to analyse.

    I feel as if this is a summary and not an essay .. not even an essay plan. You fail to mention Candy's dogs importance in OMAM of foreshadowing Lennies own death. According to my sources just stating quotes and making simple points can not get you even a Grade C so detailed and developed points must be included .
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Updated: May 17, 2015

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