21 new tips for AQA AS SPANISH

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In the last two weeks we have been tweeting about the exam, what to revise and how to prepare for the different parts of the exam.

Here are some of the best tweets from the last two weeks. We hope they can help you with your revision.

Also have a look at these previous threads, which also contain more useful tips.


1 - Use linking words in essay. POR EJEMPLO (to give an example) & ADEMÁS (to add a new idea or example)

2- More linking words for you to use in essays: SIN EMBARGO (to add an opposite view on sth) & POR OTRA PARTE (to add more ideas)

3 - "Celular" is another way to say "teléfono móvil" in Spanish (only used in South America) Use it in essay to avoid writing "móvil" many times

4 - Certain words change depending on the gender of next word. ESTE chico, ESTA chica. Learn this rule as it often comes up in q9. Some words that behave like this are: ESTE, AQUEL, CUÁNTO,ESE, PRIMERO, SEGUNDO, TERCERO5

5- Remember that to get a 5 in "structures", you must use a few subjunctives, a variety of tenses, some relative clauses & some object pronouns

6 - Publicidad, vacaciones & amigos have never come up as essay questions since 2012. Will 2015 be different?

7 - Topics that come up as essay question in one year don't usually come up again next year. If true, this year don't expect nuevas tecnologías, moda& matri

8 - Hi! Since 2012, TV has come up 2 times as essay question, vida sana 2, matri 2, nuevas tecnologías 2, cine 1, deportes 1,música 1, familia 2, moda 2

9 - Esperar que, querer que & no creo que are 3 more examples of structures thar require next verb in present subjunctive. They may come upin q9

10 - Learn irregular participles for your q9. In previous exams hacer (hecho), volver (vuelto), romper (roto) have come up

11 - Exam lasts 2 hours & it's important you divide yr time. As for the listening, only listen to it 3 times. If you don't know answer,guess it

12 - Revise radical changing verbs as they often come up in q9. Last year mostrar (they, in present) & venir (she, in the past) came up

13 - Bear in mind that you must write all your answers in your unit1 exam using black ink

14 - It's likely that there'll be a listening where you'll hear different numbers, so make sure you practise numbers 1 to1000 at least

15 - "La caja tonta" is another way to say "televisión" in Spanish. It came up in last year listening

16 - Reading listening transcripts is a good way to learn new voc. In last year listening "jubilados" came up& it means retired people

17 - Also learn rule that words ending in -z, make plural in -ces, as in pez-peces. It often comes up in question 9 of yourexam

18 - Es una pena que, es importante que, es posible que, es una lástima que need next verb in subjunctive. Learn rule as it may come up in q.9

19 - Remember that first exercise in the listening paper must be answered in English. Don't answer in Spanish, as you'll lose marks

20 - ¡Hola! Make sure u write neatly & clearly. Examiners complain about having problems to identify if a letter is an "a" oran "o"

21 - Use object pronouns in essays so that you don't repeat same word over and over. La tele es educativa. La gente LA ve todos los días.

Happy revision! If you have questions, follow us on twitter: username is myspanishexam

¡Hasta luego!

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