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    What are the themes and please can you give me some points about them, im really struggling, thankyou

    Soft - Lennie is obsessed with soft things. He has a soft mouse he likes to pet. He has a small puppy he loves to cuddle. He felt Curley's Wife's hair and refused to let go.
    Patriarchal Society - Run by Men
    Red - Sign of danger - Curley's Wife always wears red - sign she is trouble
    Irony - Lennie Small - He is a giant
    Racism - Crooks is marginalised on the ranch because of his race - They noted that they "Made him fight some guy at Christmas" - Crooks must be lonely and did the fight because it made him feel wanted
    American Dream - All characters have some dream. Curley's Wife wants to be an Actress. Lennie/George/Candy want to own a farm. Crooks wants to be accepted for who he is.
    Friendship - Very strange two men would travel together and hep each other in the 1930's especially due to the Great Depression.

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    What are the themes and please can you give me some points about them, im really struggling, thankyou
    Dreams - George and Lennie - dream farm, independent 'live off the fatta the lan' - Curley's Wife - dreams of being a movie star- Ranch hands dream of being in the cowboy magazines, These dreams give meaning to their lives.
    Loneliness- George and Lennie avoid it (Lennie is innocent enough to not really feel it) - Kills Curley's Wife - Embitters Candy and Crooks. Ranch hands ease their loneliness by going to brothels and drinking alcohol. 'A guy goes nuts if he ain't got nobody'
    Prejudice - Racial prejudice (Crooks). Portrayal of women is unflattering, sexual objects, 'tart' 'jail bait' 'tramp' Mistreatment of Candy as he's reduced to a menial job as a swamper.
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Updated: May 16, 2015


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