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Okay so I really need some advice on what to do but am really stuck as to who I should ask so I thought best post on here..
My best friend told me a couple of nights ago that she has wanted to kill herself since Christmas before last, mainly caused by a rough upbringing I think with her mum throwing her out many times when she was young, but the only thing preventing her is the effect it would have on her dad. She's seen professionals in the past but none seem to have got much out of her, I'm the only person that knows about this. If she's trusted me with something like this I don't feel as if I can tell anyone else as that'd screw her up because I'd break a promise, yet if she is to have any chance I need to do something.
Do you have any advice as to what I should do?
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Hello! I m not talking from experience so I don t know for sure that my advice is the best but firstly i d say you need to show her how important she is to you, show her you care, like by asking her how she is before a stressful event or somethings like that, also show her that you need her so maybe ask her for help yourself on certain things? And show her how amazing life can be! Go out and have fun together! I really hope the situation gets better

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